There’s no safer way of viewing your site operations

Saves money

Cost management & control.

Real-time cost control.

insite contextualises real-world data from single or multiple sites and sources to assist with budgeting, streamlining of ongoing activity, and spend analysis for future project budgeting.

Navigate with ease with simple drag and drop functionality, pre-defined and customisable charts, and simple report sharing. See only the cost data that matters to your role.

Optimising plant equipment.

Active fleet cost control.

insite can help determine an optimal equipment mix to minimise cost and maximise productivity for a given task based on current and historic performance metrics.

Identify how a plant fleet or individual unit is being utilised throughout any project at anytime, proactively and automatically identify equipment which could be off-hired.

Enhances collaboration

Shaping the future.

Take leadership of the environmental agenda.

Seamlessly integrate any environmental monitoring systems for biodiversity, air and water quality reporting. Quickly and easily identify emerging patterns and trends on site or across multi-site locations with actionable insights.

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Net zero emissions.

Every emission captured, analysed & reported.

Live monitoring environmental impact monitoring of any instrumented construction plant equipment, process, and structure. Determine the best equipment combination to minimise emissions and maximise productivity.

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Considerate construction.

Enhance communication and support with local communities.

Quickly and easily provide environmental monitoring insights to local communities in standardised or customisable reports.

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Build productivity.

Informed, quantitative data led planning and constructing.

Take a site or multi-site perspective on the progress of all projects in an instance, deep-dive into the numbers behind every project.

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Enhance plant optimisation.

Increase productivity with data led insights.

Identify how plant is being utilised throughout any project at anytime, see what equipment could be re-deployed. Drive insight into the optimal plant equipment mix for every stage of operations being planned.

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Optimise site design.

Identify actionable insights in site operations and productivity.

How does the productivity of a shift compare to another, could changes to shift pattern or work site design boost productivity? Are the most productive machine operators working on the tasks which they are best suited to?

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A new perspective.

Access any site, any structure, any machine. Anytime.

Automatically collate and report on compliance to safety policies on a site or multiple sites, bringing any number of existing data feeds into a single view.
Navigate with ease through simple drag and drop functionality, pre-defined and customisable charts, and simple report sharing. See only the safety data that matters to you.

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Operator & machine safety.

Home safe & well

Measure the use of dedicated plant safety equipment, from seatbelts to the correct use of machine safety control systems. insite gathers real-time data and can automatically alert site responsible persons in event of compliance issues. Easily identify emerging patterns and trends, such as where operator training, task procedure, or site design may need reviewed.

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Public safety.

Safe, on-time project delivery.

insite provides assurance that all construction safety technologies are instrumented and active across all sites, night or day. With live data feeds connecting to automated alerts, pattern and trend analysis, construction risk management for the adjacent public is more integrated, simplified, and powerful.

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