Powerful construction intelligence

A new perspective of site or multi-site operations.

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insite is a powerful construction intelligence platform that offers a new perspective of site or multi-site operations, aiding planning and delivering project assurance. AI powered, it automatically interrogates, interprets, and visually presents any connected machine, structure, asset, and environmental data feed.

Build Productivity

Increases site productivity with data analysis and reporting to assist in the making of fully informed strategic project decisions and work more effectively with better identification of issues to respond more effectively.

Build Assurance

Enhances safety through live monitoring of site safety critical systems with real-time management alerts/notifications. Reduces operational risk, identifies unsafe working practices and supports personnel re-training requirements for quantifiable safety improvements.

Build Visbility

Reduces operational costs by identifying any brand of under utilised equipment, inefficient processes and site design. Combines with 3rd party data sources to provide a broad, detailed view of operations profile.

Build Simply

Users define their own data parameters to display the insights that matter to them and their role. Modular drag and drop reporting tiles are intuitive and familiar. Charts, maps and imagery highlight and prioritise information for an ‘at a glance’ understanding. Easily create and share a report, dashboard view, or results table in seconds.

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